System Alignment with Drinax

One of the objectives of the campaign is to bring a number of planets into a favorable alignment with Drinax to see the formation of a new empire. The traveller’s actions will shift a system’s rating as tasks are completed. Relations with the Aslan Hierate and the Imperium are also important. If either of these empires become irratated by trouble in the Trojan Reaches Sector, they will intervene with force.

Standing with the Aslan Hierate starts at -5
no events

Standing with the Imperium starts at 0
no events

Stealing Cargo: -1 per incident in which more than Cr. 100,000 is stolen.

Per Infamous Incident: -1d6 for incidents where the pirates steal a large amount of cargo, capture ships, and otherwise ‘rock the boat’.

Per Atrocity: -1d6 for incidents where the pirates destroy ships, murder prisoners or otherwise breach the code of the stars.

Per Interference: -1d6 for incidents where the pirates attack Imperial scoutships, couriers or registered convoys, damage starports or refuelling stations, or otherwise interfere with the
fl ow of trade.

Per Heroic Deed: +1d6 for attacking pirates or inflicting significant damage on the other Imperial power.

Per Month Elapsed Without Incident: Over time, standing tends towards its starting point. A crew’s standing moves one point towards its starting position (0/-5) after each month in
which the pirates do nothing of consequence.

System Alignment with Drinax

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