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This is the homepage for the Traveller RPG Campaign named Far and Away. If you are one of the players or just browsing click on the other page tabs for relevant information. To go right to the campaign pages, just click the links below.

These bits of information are relevant to our campaign play and get you into the Far and Away campaign details.

Planets and Starports
Star Sectors
Prominent Ships
News and Events
Prominent Organizations and Lesser Empires
The Third Imperium
The Hierate

Campaign Reference Material

Traveller RPG

Traveller Core Rules This is the only necessary book to enjoy the campaign.
Career Book 6: Scoundrel for the expanded rules on piracy, fencing, intrusions and crime.
Central Supply Catalogue, useful in any Traveller campaign
Traders and Gunboats for a greater variety of prey
Merchants and Cruisers for larger prey

Pirates of Drinax

Major parts of the campaign will come from the series of adventure modules about the “Pirates of Drinax.” The players are free to read these publications though some sections are labelled as “GM only” and it would be best for everyone’s enjoyment that players not read these sections.

Introduction – The Drinax Primer
Key Ports – A handy port record

Play Aids

And the following links take you to some play aids that are useful for various aspects of the Traveller game.

The Characters tab available above provides a player with an interactive player sheet. More “paper-y” versions are available in the links below.
SignalGK An Online Traveller™ Resource with several useful player sheets.
The Traveller Map An amazing, zoomable, annotated, printable, map of the Traveller Universe. A work of art. This particular link takes you to a view with the planet Drinax, central to the campaign, already located.

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