Far and Away

Scen IV A Patron and a Pirate

Date Start: Day 13, Year 1105 End: Day 21 Year 1105

Before leaving Clarke, the party is summoned to the Psychopomp temple and asked to use their influence back at the Floating Palace to get Prince Harrick to assume the leadership of the Psychopomp Order and Clarke.

Roose and Alias purchase body pistols. Body pistols are constructed from hard plastics and cannot escape many weapon scans.

Malcolm, a trader part of the corsair’s crew, contacts a black market supplier and lines up a shipment of illegal biochems.

The crew and party board the ship and do a quick circle of Clarke (to put the planet between them and the Psychopomps) and look for easy prey. A Far Trader ship is discovered inbound and is quickly intimidated and boarded. The corsair pirate crew is not very good moving cargo and waste precious time moving containers. Not wanting to hang around to grab more (you never know when security will show up), the corsair secures the cargo and lays in the jump to Torpol.
*This was a pretty easy pirate raid. Training wheels were attached. There is potential for lots to go wrong and the authorities can show up. All this conspires to limit a pirate attack to 1-2 hours or less on-board a captive ship.*

The jump is ok and the ship takes a berth at the Starport. Malcolm contacts a black market purchaser for the illegal biochems and the pirated cargo and makes the sale.

Next up: Investigate the evidence from the raid.


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