• Ahmed Barook

    Ahmed Barook

    Merchant of Drinax and confidante of Char is'Brokenz
  • Alias Synn

    Alias Synn

    6' 2" 215 lbs., red hair, medium skin tone, muscular and stout, always smiling. Upbeat personality.
  • Char is'Brokenz

    Char is'Brokenz

    Minor noble of Drinax with good connections and wealth
  • Dirk Pitt

    Dirk Pitt

    Kicked out of pilot school then hurt during marine training..what else can I mess up on....
  • Fiona Cartier

    Fiona Cartier

    Runs the high class dance club "Ruinations"
  • Roose


    A Free Trader from Drinax.