Ports and Havens

Ports and Havens

Pirates need places to put in for repairs, to refuel, and to sell their ill-gotten goods. Unlike a legitimate trader who can do business at any port, pirates either frequent lawless worlds, or
else establish networks of contacts and fences who can handle stolen goods at otherwise lawful starports. Remember, unlike the civilised Spinward Marches, the Imperium does not control
the starports of the Trojan Reach. Each world’s port is its own affair.

Starports are classified not only by their letter rating (A-E), but also by their relationship with the pirates. Ports can be Havens, Friendly, Tolerant, Neutral, Suspicious, Unfriendly or Hostile.

Drinax is the only Haven at the start of the campaign. Theev is the only Friendly port at the start of the campaign.

Any Aslan ports are Unfriendly.

Other ports have their status determined by Law Level.

Law Level Attitude
2- Tolerant
3-5 Neutral
6-9 Suspicious
10-11 Unfriendly
12+ Hostile

Upgrading Ports

Over the course of the campaign, the characters can alter the attitude of a port towards them, by:

  • Making contacts and completing patron missions
  • Spending money in the port on improvements, upgrades,
    repairs or bribes.
  • Donating captured ships and equipment

The costs for doing so vary from port to port.

Port Fence Recruitment Risk Arrest Risk Spies Protection
Haven 30% 3+ - 12+ 3+
Friendly 25% 5+ - 12+ 7+
Tolerant 20% 7+ 12+ 10+ 11+
Neutral 10% 9+ 12+ 10+ -
Suspicious 10% 11+ 10+ 8+ -
Unfriendly - 12+ 10+ 8+ -
Hostile - - - 2+ -

Ports and Havens

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