Planets and Starports


These tables list several key systems in each subsector that will play a part in the Pirates of Drinax campaign that the players can win to their side or use as a hunting ground for fat merchants. Each system is described as follows:

Name: The name of the system.
Loc.: Its location within the subsector.
Attitude: Its attitude towards pirates at the start of the campaign.
Traffic: Its level of space traffi c.
Base: Any bases present in the system, if any.
Statistics: Its UWP profi le.
Trade: Its trade codes, if any.
Adv.: The adventure in which Library Data and a patron, adventure or other encounter is presented for that system.

Reading World Profiles
Traveller describes planets with the Universal World Profile, a single line of code such as:
Cogri 0101 CA6A643–9 N Ri Wa A
The first component is the name. The second component (four digit number) is the hex location (column and row). The string of digits following that denote, in order:
• Starport quality
• Size
• Atmosphere Type
• Hydrographic percentage
• Population
• Government Type
• Law Level
• (hyphen)
• Tech Level

The next component marks any bases present on the world– examples include N for Naval Base or S for Scout Base. This is followed by any Trade Codes for the planet. The travel zone for the system is next – A = Amber Zone, R = Red Zone. If no code is given then the world is either unclassified or a Green Zone.


Name Loc. Attitude Traffic Base Statistics Trade Adv.
Ace 0109 Suspicious Backwater E7A08B9-5 De Lt 5
Number One 0208 Suspicious High* C9C6778-7 Fl 5
Thebus 0309 Tolerant High* B534320-6 Po Ni Lo 5
Noricum 0408 Hostile Backwater D8867BB-1 Ag Lt 5
Oghma 0410 Neutral High* B214754-9 Ic 1
Vume 0505 Suspicious Average B100477-C Ni Va An 8
Theev 0506 Friendly Dangerous P A434500-F Na Ni Ht 1
Marduk 0510 Neutral Average C377436-3 Ni Lt 1
Palindrome 0606 Neutral Average B433334-B Po Ni Lo 1
Borite 0609 Suspicious Backwater E655796-4 Ag Lt 1
Chalchiutlicu 0704 Suspicious Average B76A787-7 Ri Wa 8

*: On the Imperium/Florian League Trade Route


Name Loc Attitude Traffic Base Statistics Trade Codes Adv
Boulder 0107 Suspicious Backwater, Secure D100758-9 Va Na 6
Exocet 0110 Suspicious Average A574126-8 Ni Lo 6
Scaladon 0206 Hostile Dangerous AAD98DK-A Fl 6
Iilgan 0309 Suspicious Average, Secure C467787-8 Ag Ri 6
Wildeman 0409 Neutral High, Secure B201674-C Ic Na Ni Va 4
Pandora 0410 Neutral High B878313-B Ni Lo 4


Name Loc Attitude Traffic Bases Statistics Trade Codes Adv
Khusai 0403 Unfriendly High R A5766M5-C Ag Ni Ht 3
Assim 0503 Neutral High B867564-6 Ag Ni 0
Kteiroa 0505 Unfriendly Average AIC C4601K4-8 De Lo Ni 3
Torpol 0601 Unfriendly High* B55A77A-8 Wa 1
Drinax 0603 Haven High A33645C-F Ni Ht 0
Tyokh 0606 Suspicious High ACF B466AH7-E Hi Ht 3
Iroioah 0607 Neutral High B6301G3-E De Po Ni Lo Ht 3
Clarke 0702 Neutral High* B899753-8 1
Pourne 0704 Suspicious Average A9B2887-A Fl 6
The World 0707 Tolerant Backwater E100551-6 In Ni Va 7
Vorito 0709 Hostile High E595ABB-A In Hi 7
Blue 0801 Suspicious High B443487-C Po Ni Ht 1
Hilfer 0804 Hostile Average BA5077A-6 De Po 6
Paal 0805 Suspicious High B564679-6 Ag Ni Ri 6
Sink 0806 Tolerant Backwater D665220-5 Ni Lo Lt 7
Fantasy 0808 Tolerant Backwater E788400-2 Ni Lt 7
Name Loc Attitude Traffic Bases Statistics Trade Codes Adv
Byrni 0107 Suspicious High B955699-6 Ag Ni 2
Arunisiir 0201 Tolerant High B776530-6 Ag Ni 2
Tech-World 0204 Neutral High A455154-F Ni Lo Ht 4
Ergo 0205 Tolerant Backwater X767500-0 Ag Ni Lt 2
Tanith 0301 Tolerant High A589342-B Ni Lo 2
Acrid 0302 Suspicious High AAC1388-D Fl Lo Ni H 2
Inurin 0304 Suspicious Average E668776-5 Ag Ri Lt 2
Falcon 0305 Suspicious High A158448-D Ni Ht 4
Cordan 0401 Suspicious High A895347-9 Ni Lo 6
Exe 0403 Tolerant Average B300101-A Ni Va Lo 4
Sperle 0404 Hostile High BA8A76A-7 Ri Wa 6
Umemii 0501 Suspicious Average C521877-6 Na Po 6
Argona 0503 Suspicious Average B612586-9 Ic Ni 6

Planets and Starports

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