Kingdom of Drinax

The Kingdom of Drinax

In the days of its strength, the Kingdom of Drinax – or, to give it
its proper title, the Star Dragon Empire of Sindal in Exile – ruled
many worlds across Tliowaha subsector. Tliowaha, of course, is
the Aslan name; old charts still call it Drinax subsector. The heart
of the Kingdom of Drinax was the arc of planets fi rst named by
Solomani settlers in the age of the Second Imperium. These
worlds were named for the great visionary writers of old Terra
– Banks (now Khusai), Stross (now Kteiroa), Asim, Pourne,
Hilfer, Paal, Torpal, Clarke and Blue. Beyond these core worlds,
the Kingdom also had a presence in two dozen other systems
across the subsector and beyond.

Of course, the Kings of Drinax also claimed to be the heirs to
the vanished Empire of Sindal, and if one were to accept that
right, then half the sector legally belongs to them. That Empire of
Sindal arose in the year -2000 and ruled for 600 years, although
for much of the last 200 years it was riven by internal dissent,
rebellions, and brutal punitive attacks on its own vassals. The
Sindalian Empire fi nally fell around -1400, when the imperial
seat at Noricum was bombed to oblivion.

Half a dozen regional dukes proclaimed themselves Emperor
or King, and the Kingdom of Drinax was the longest-lasting
of these pretenders. From -1400 until the year 902, a span of
more than two millennia, the Kings of Drinax ruled over their
domain, guarding their vassal worlds from invaders and pirates.
For most of their reign, the Kings were wise and well loved. It
was only around the year 700, under the disastrous reign of
Glaco IX, called the Vengeful, when Drinax started using the
old tactics of Sindal and bombed their vassals to keep them in
line. The Kingdom became increasingly unruly in the face of the
growing Aslan threat, and the outer worlds broke away from the
cruel yoke of the kings.

Matters came to a head in 884, when King Oleb XIV placed a tax
of 20% on all trade between the Third Imperium and the Aslan
Hierate that passed through the Kingdom. The Aslan response
was swift, deadly, and all too fi tting for the descendants of Sindal.

They bombed Drinax from orbit.

Kingdom of Drinax

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