DRINAX PLANET (0603 Tliowaha)

Trojan Reach Sector, Tlaiowaha Subsector
Hex 2223, UWP A43645A-F Ni PBG 714 Non-aligned
Starport Quality A
Planet Size 4 (6,400km diameter)(.35 gravity)
Atmosphere Type 3 (very thin) (respirator req’d)
Hydrographic percentage 6 (60%, large seas)
Population 4 (10,000+, small towns, low-pop world)
Government Type 5 (feudal technocracy)
Law Level A10 (weapons illegal, no off-worlders permitted)
Tech Level F 15 (advanced)
Non-Industrial world (Ni)
Pop Multiplier 7
Asteroid Belt 1
Gas Giants 4

When the Empire of Sindal collapsed, outlying regional capitals
became the seat of even lesser kings, and the longest-lasting of
these was Drinax (0603 Tliowaha). Drinax’s kings claimed half
the worlds in their subsector for generations. The Drinaxians
were wiser than their cousins; they learned to hide the iron
fist of orbital bombardment behind a velvet glove of trade and
protection. Drinax itself became a garden world, fat and plump,
an oasis of culture and technology in a dangerous and barbaric
sector. The floating palace of Drinax – a huge citadel of beauty
and art, suspended on a grav platform of prodigious size – was
a wonder of the galaxy.

Then, another empire came to the Trojan Reach. The Aslan
were numerous, hungry, aggressive and confi dent, and the
Empire of Drinax was fat, lazy and wholly unaware of the sheer
numbers and might of the Hierate. The Aslan trade routes to
the Imperium ran through the Kingdom of Drinax, and the kings
became greedy. They demanded tolls, taxes, bribes… and
the Aslan were incensed. In a single bloody war lasting less
than a year, the Aslan shattered the last surviving remnant of
the old Empire of Sindal. Drinax’s subject worlds were either
conquered by the Aslan or revolted. Drinax itself was blasted to
ash, leaving the fl oating palace as the only remaining property
of the King of Drinax.

One palace… and a few ships.

That was two hundreds years ago.

Today, the trade ships from the Imperium and the Hierate pass
by broken, beggared worlds. The worlds once claimed by Drinax
realise they have exchanged one master for another, and that
the Aslan have even less regard for them than the kings did.
The Imperium and the Hierate pretend to be friends while they
jockey for position. The sector stands on a knife edge. The right
pressure could push half the Trojan Reach into the claws of the
Aslan, or force an already overstretched Imperium to extend its
forces deeper into the sector, or permit Drinax to rise again – or
carve out a new kingdom in blood and steel!

Now is the time for corsairs and privateers, for rogues and
empire-builders. The King of Drinax offers a small band of
trusted, resourceful bastards the chance to make their fortune.
He gives them a ship and a letter of marque. They are to go
adventuring in the Trojan Reach, to prey on shipping and to build
up support in the worlds once held by the Kingdom of Drinax,
and to play the two great powers off against each other. If they
succeed, they will become princes in the renewed kingdom.
If they fail, the stars will be their grave.

The Few & The Forgotten

Few travellers visit Drinax today. According to the charts of the
Imperial Scouts, the planet still has a Class-A Starport, but the
charts are centuries out of date. Drinax is a dead world. There
are no settlements on its surface, only the scars left by the
Aslan when they bombed the cities from orbit. The once-fertile
grasslands were seared to deserts; the forests where the kings
of old hunted were razed. The seas bloom red with algae after
they were boiled to death. No-one lives on Drinax anymore.
They live above it.

The Floating Palace

The Scorched World of Drinax
Below the Floating Palace, Drinax is a wasteland. The Aslan
dropped rocks from space on much of the planet. Dust clouds
choked the skies for years, plunging the whole planet into a
long impact winter. Major population centres were blasted with
plasma weapons and disease bombs; millions died at the claws
of the conquerers.

Two hundred years later, the planet is slowly healing. Green
shoots cover the impact scars, and new forests are growing in
the ashes of the old. It will be another thousand years before the
planet is close to its former vitality, and some wounds will never
heal. The spores of the Aslan biological weapons still sleep in
the overgrown ruins of the cities, so Drinax may never be safe
for human occupation.


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