The Chattel World of Asim

Twenty years ago, King Oleb led an invasion of the neighbouring
world of Asim, after the hydroponics bays suffered a catastrophic
failure and the harvest was lost. To avoid starvation, Drinax sent
a dozen small ships to obtain food from the peasants of Asim.
When the Foundation of Asim refused to co-operate, the King
angrily ordered his ships to take the planet by force. Although
the Asimi outnumbered the forces of Drinax several thousand
times over, they were completely outclassed technologically.
Rifles and rockets are no match for plasma rifles and FGMPs.

Today, Asim is the only vassal world belonging to Drinax. King
Oleb privately regrets the conquest, and life has changed little
for most of the peasants of that grim agricultural world. Instead
of paying tithes to the Foundation, they now give their tithe to
the grain-ships that visit from Drinax once every year. Some
Drinaxi whisper that the king should move the whole court to
Asim, and that the Floating Palace should be abandoned in
favour of a living world, but it is a brave man indeed that would
openly make such a suggestion to the king. Oleb will sit on his
ancestor’s throne until he dies (or until it collapses beneath his
growing weight).

Asim is a non-industrial TL6 world with a population of around
fi ve million. The planet is physically similar to Earth, with an
almost identical mass, a close match in terms of atmospheric
composition, and a comparable land/water ratio, yet there is
something missing. Asim lacks the vitality of a true garden world.
The planet is overwhelmingly brown; the local equivalent of
chlorophyll is a brownish chemical, so Asim has brown fi elds and
brown forests growing from brown soil. The former government
of Asim was called the Foundation, and was an assembly of
elders and wise men from the cities. The Foundation claimed to
have a thousand-year plan that would bring Asim – an obscure
world in the middle of nowhere with no technological base or
mineral reserves worth a damn – to dominate the Imperium. For
two hundred years, the Asimi toiled to support the Foundation’s
grand design, never realising that it was a scam to keep the
sages and bureaucrats in charge.


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