Far and Away

Scene II Healing a Wounded Ship
OK, you know your mission.

The Mission
• Go privateering across the Trojan Reach.
• Disrupt trade between the Imperium and the Aslan Hierate.
• Establish alliances with independent worlds and factions.
• Make your fortunes and rebuild the Kingdom of Drinax!

You know some of the important folks on the Floating Palace and you know a little about each other.

Next you will meet on the bridge of the Harrier Class Corsair ship. A pilot and mechanic for Lord Wrax’s Starguard Navy is there to introduce you to the ship.
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h4. Healing The Wounded Ship

The Harrier suffered grievous damage during the Aslan attack
200 years ago, and with the loss of the starport on Drinax, full
repairs cannot be made. The technicians of the Scholar’s Tower
have done their best, but there are still numerous problems
and drawbacks. The characters can alleviate some of these
drawbacks by spending Ship Shares.

Once the campaign starts, upgrades to the Harrier can be
repaired at the rate of MCr.0.5=1 Ship Share.

The damage to the ship and the options for repairing her are listed in the Drinax Intro document. Read that to make the choices.

Three ship shares among the party will do one micro-fracture repair (structure up to 5), one ship share worth of work on the maintenance costs (monthly maintenance down to 25,000), one one to partially repair the damaged jump drive (-1DM). Repairs should be complete in a few weeks.

It seems Roose has access to a ship that can be used until the Harrier is repaired.

Scene I "A Party"

Day 1 Year 1105

You have arrived at a lush party on the Floating Palace of Drinax. You were all separately invited to The Floating Palace and arrived in the last few days. Your invitation was royal, from the Princess Rao but you were directed to meet with Fiona Cartier who has provided you with accommodations and credits for your stay.

Now you are at the party with richly dressed men and women of the Drinax nobility, their consorts, and others affiliated with the good life on the Floating Palace. Your clothes are good and purchased on the Palace, but not up to par with the costumes you see all around you. You grab a few hors d’ouerves and slug back a drink or two. You do get a lot of stares and not just for your attire, you assume. The dip running down you chin maybe one reason. You wipe it up and flash a smile.

You meet the Princess Rao for the first time and she puts you at ease. You are getting fewer stares now that the Princess has granted you status.

At some point you assume you will be invited to meet with the Princess or whoever it is she wants you to meet, but for now she just asks you to mingle and enjoy yourself. “Who knows,” seh says, “you life may depend on some of the people in this room one day . . . soon.” And the she is wisked away to another clutch of guests.

Your Objective: Mingle and try to find out what is going on or who there is to know. Use carouse, diplomat, deception, or whatever skills you are best at. Try not to kill anyone.

The Guests at the party include:
Princess Rao
Prince Harrick
Lord Wrax
Scholar Voha
Kaisyl of the Ahroay
Thao Poloc
Lady Hil
Sal Dancet
Fiona Cartier
Jim DiGriz
Ahmed Barook
Char is’Brokenz
Various Military, Artists, and other notables.

GAMEPLAY: Formulate simple actions using skills you are good to converse with people and find things out. Read about skills on page 48 of rule book. With good plans and good skill checks you’ll find out some useful info, gain a favor or other accomodation. With bad skill checks, people will think less of you, shun you, and maybe even work against you. Consider this practice. After a few encounters I will move you to the main meeting.


Princess Rao hosts an informal get-together of several guests she feels can move forward the King’s agenda for a rebirth of the Kingdom of Drinax.

First Task is to create the player characters. Skills needed should be grouped around piloting & navigation (Naval Career is a good candidate), people skills (Noble, Merchant), and explorer stuff (careers in Rogue or Scout). Hard-hitting combat skills are good but most predicaments rely more on skills other than gun play. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be handy with a weapon . . .


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